2013年CHARLIEを中心に昔からの飲み仲間で 結成。

メンバーはCHARLIE (ex.STUD) MASAYA (ex.STAB) yu-ta (ex.DELTA THROB ex.STAB)KEI(SAMEGANI) バンドのコンセプトは【X'mas】クリスマスの雰囲気をX Made Alcoholic Santaclausとして奏でる。
ジャンルは主に、Heavy rock , Loud rockを中心にそれぞれの個性を活かした楽曲になっている。

XMAS was started by the band's guitarist CHARLIE and his friends back in 2013,  in the city of  Yokohama,  Japan.  The guys  had known each other  for  years,  as  they  had  previously  played  together  in  several different bands (like STUD, STAB,  and others),  and had performed for many events and festivals before finally creating XMAS.
They describe their sound as «Loud Heavy Rock n'Roll». The 4 «Alcoholic Santaclauses» want their music to bring something
special and joyful to people all over the world.  
XMAS is also involved with several other activities, like CHARLIE's own project "KAKEJIKU" and a collaboration with the Japanese fashion brand "KUSTOMSTYLE".

Band members :

• CHARLIE_Gt (ex.STUD) / Birth: Feb28
• MASAYA_Gt (ex.STAB) / Birth: Aug20
• yu-ta_Dr (ex.DELTA THROB ex.STAB) / Birth: Sep28
• KEI_Vo&Ba (SAMEGANI) / Birth: Nov29


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